This collection includes photographs that are introspective, ethereal, and intimate. The photographer preserves a fraction of his collected memories in these pictures.

"These photographs are visual songs to me. So we often associate music to the memories or phases of our life that a piece can immediately trigger. I look at these images, and I can feel the love, beauty, and meditation arise back in me."

Each photograph is unique; though each piece has its properties, the viewer/collector decides the rarity based on their preference.


WAYTOOMAD is a fine-art photographer & producer. His photographs explore the state of spiritual awakening through ethereal visuals, balanced compositions, natural light, and often darkness. His film production and screenwriting background inform his distinctive style of cinematic imagery, allowing him to create endless narratives within a still image.


Some of WAYTOOMAD's photographs are also available as 1/1 NFTs on Foundation. 

How can I purchase a photograph from this collection?

All photographs in this collection are released as NFTs and are exclusively available on OpenSea.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is unique and non-interchangeable data stored on a digital public ledger, called a blockchain. The 'WAYTOOMAD: Memories' NFTs contain images that are tradable on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Can I purchase a 'WAYTOOMAD: Memories' with my credit card?

The photographs in this collection cannot be purchased with fiat money. Since the collection is created on the blockchain, you need an Ethereum wallet that can hold NFT collectibles (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, MyEthereumWallet) and enough Ethereum (ETH) to make the purchase + gas fees.

How much does each NFT cost?

The collection has a starting price of 0.1 ETH.

What can I do with my NFT?

Each NFT consists of an original photograph by Waytoomad. The collector decides what to do with their NFT. Showcase the NFT with a digital display or use the high-resolution image to make a physical print. The high-resolution file is unlockable after the purchase of an NFT is complete.

Can I resell my NFTs?

Yes. 'WAYTOOMAD: Memories' is a collection of photography NFTs that are tradable on OpenSea. OpenSea serves as the user interface for the NFTs to be sold, transferred, or resold.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, please exercise due diligence to learn how to keep your cryptocurrencies and NFTs safe. For any questions before purchasing an edition from WAYTOOMAD: Memories, please send an email to mad@waytoomad.com